Minister Rauff Hakeem says our strength isourunity in the face of divisive forces

Jan 12, 2017

Negative and vicious forces are currently engaged in serious attempts to destroy the unity and harmony of the Muslims, and thereby are trying to alter the current political stability, said SLMC Leader and Minister of City Planning and Water Supply,Rauff Hakeem. He added, that only absolute unity of all Muslims couldthwart thesedestructive elements.

This call for Muslim unity and solidarity was made by Minister Hakeem,at the Palamunai Al-HikmaViddyalaya, where he was Chief Guest. He distributed land deeds to those who lost their livelihood due to the Tsunami in the Palamunai area in Addalachchenai, Ampara district this weekend. At this event, 29 families received their land deeds.

Speaking further, Minister Hakeem said,every party had negative forces who subverted party unity and progress from within. He also mentioned that such sinister motives could be defeated only by vigilance, open discussion and harmony among the rank and file. He assured that the SLMC will deliver on their promises and preserve the trust of the people, even though at times there were some delays in the process.

Minister Hakeem said that the SLMC as a party had strong ties to the government and therefore, its activities in the Ampara district earned favorable results. In the past, political power in the Ampara district was spread amongst several parties, but now it was only the SLMC that enjoyed the confidence of the people and the support of the government.He went on to state that with this sole political power over the district, the party would work on developing the livelihood of the people and the city for their best interest. He also reminded the audience that today, the Muslim community is facing unnecessary challenges and disturbances, and the SLMC will take action to bring this situation under control. However, it is important that such actions be taken with precautions to bring about a permanent solution, for peace, innovatively rather than hastily, merely for the sake of a solution, he said.

This event was presided over by the former Chairmanof AddalachchenaiPradeshiya Saba and a High Command member of SLMC M.A. Anzil. ParlimentarianM.I.M. Mansoor, Health Minister, Eastern Province, A.L.M.Nazeer, Members of Eastern Provincial Council A.L.Thavam, I.L.M. Mahir, and AriffShamsudeenalso participated at the event.