I was born in Nawalapitiya to a Muslim family with an abiding devotion to and a deep engagement with their rural community.Born in the heartland of the ancient Kandyan kingdom either my fate or the vagaries of location of my father’s profession- that of a school master and later a Principal took me to Kalawewa that part of the Kandyan provinces known as Nuwarakalaviya – the cradle of our hydraulic civilization.

My early childhood was spent playing on the banks of that immense reservoir built by the great builder and ill-fated forbear of the parricide king and creator of Sigirya – King Kasyapa.
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Meet Hakeem

Political Profile of Abdul Rauff Hibbathul Hakeem – Minister of Urban Development, Water Supply, Drainage. National Leader, Sri Lanka Muslim Congress, SLMC.

A political process that accords a lower priority to the interests of any particular group inevitably produces a leader capable of asserting the rights of the aggrieved people. Abdul Rauff Hakeem is such a leader who has established himself as an able parliamentarian during his 21 years in Parliament. As the National Leader of the Sri Lanka Muslim Congress (SLMC), he is the Muslim voice in Sri Lanka. He is both a product and a shaper of the politics of identity spawned by decades of conflict and the faltering steps towards national reconciliation, restoration of democratic institutions and transparency in governance.

As the Leader of SLMC Mr Hakeem enjoys the trust, especially most often of the Muslim polity of the country. He has proven his broad liberal appeal in national politics by getting diverse political interest groups to accept mutual obligations vital to the wellbeing of the nation in forming broad progressive national coalitions.

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Here’s a leader, a devoted Muslim with a determined modern mind - the shepherd of the Sri Lanka Muslim Congress.

He is the quintessential Muslim Leader in Sri Lanka who practices peaceful co-existence and commands the mutual respect of the majority Sinhalese and minority Tamils of Sri Lanka.

He is a credible representative of the legal community that wants good governance and constitutional order.

As a Muslim legislator, in contemporary politics he enjoys the confidence of his constituency as a lawyer-politician, advancing their interest in political, social and cultural spheres through legislative enactments and constitutional reforms.

In the span of 20 years Hakeem has held a range of portfolios in the areas of urban development, justice, ports and shipping, telecommunications etc.

Hakeem is trusted for his yeoman service. His greatest strengths was his acceptability by any political party.

  • Negative and vicious forces are currently engaged in serious attempts to destroy the unity and harmony of the Muslims, and thereby are trying to alter the current political stability, said SLMC Leader and Minister of City Planning and Water Supply,Rauff Hakeem. He added, that only absolute unity of all Muslims couldthwart thesedestructive elements. This call for Muslim unity and solidarity was made by Minister Hakeem,at the Palamunai Al-HikmaViddyalaya, where he was Chief Guest. He distributed land deeds to those who lost their livelihood due to the Tsunami in the Palamunai area in Addalachchenai, Ampara district this weekend. At this event, 29 families received their land deeds. Speaking further, Minister Hakeem said,every party had negative forces who subverted party unity and progress from within. He also mentioned that such sinister motives could be defeated only by vigilance, open discussion and harmony among the rank and file. He assured that the SLMC will deliver on their promises and preserve the trust of the people, even though at times there were some delays in the process. Minister Hakeem said that the SLMC as a party had strong ties to the government and therefore, its activities in the Ampara district earned favorable results. In the past, political power in the Ampara district was spread amongst several parties, but now it was only the SLMC that enjoyed the confidence of the people and the support of the government.He went on to state that with this sole political power over the district, the party would work on developing the livelihood of the people and the [...]
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  • A 'Tree-per-House' project continues its rounds in Irakkamam. SLMC Leader, and Minister City Planning and Water Supply Rauff Hakeem carried out the activity along with the local members of his constituency. [...]
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